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Looking for playlist? Check our Spotify playlist out which contains songs from the 21st century – zhong wen ge 中文歌.

Some Popular Artist

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Eric Chou

Eric Chou 周興哲 (born 22 June 1995) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter.


Gloria Tang Sze-wing 邓诗颖 (born 16 August 1991), professionally known as G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving) is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter originally from Shanghai, China.

Jay Chou

Jay Chou 周杰倫 (born 18 January 1979) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor, film director, businessman and magician.

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Why You’ll Love Chinese Songs

There is never been a better time to listen Chinese song. From the 20th century songs which may bring you back the memories, to the 21st century songs, all of them are enjoyable and often have deep meaning.

Some great artist you may know:

  • Andy Lau
  • Steve Chou
  • Teresa Teng
  • Jacky Cheung
  • and many more


There are some great OST from Chinese Movie and Drama. Those movies also give a good lesson and quotes. Speaking about them, here are some of remarkable quotes.


“When you really like a person, you thought that you would never want to bless her, but when she stood in front of him, you realized that you wanted her to be happy from the bottom of your heart.”

那些年,我们一起追的女孩 – you are the apple of my eye


“When a woman says nothing is wrong, then something is wrong. When a woman says it’s okay, then it’s not okay!”

我的少女時代 – our times

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Ronghao Li 李榮浩 – Nian Shao You Wei 年少有為 If I Were Young Lyrics

Ronghao Li 李榮浩 – Nian Shao You Wei 年少有為 If I Were Young Lyrics 電視一直閃tiàn shì yī zhí shǎnTV keeps flashing 聯絡方式都還沒刪lián luò fāng shì dōu hái méi shānContact information hasn’t been deleted 你待我的好nǐ dài wǒ de hǎo You treat me well 我卻錯手毀掉wǒ què cuò shǒu huǐ diào Yet I ruined it by mistake 也曾一起想yěContinue reading “Ronghao Li 李榮浩 – Nian Shao You Wei 年少有為 If I Were Young Lyrics”

G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 – Ping Fan Tian Shi 平凡天使 Ordinary Angels Lyrics

G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 – Ping Fan Tian Shi 平凡天使 Ordinary Angels Lyrics 別怕漫長的黑夜bié pà màn cháng de hēi yèDon’t be afraid of long dark nights 抬頭看看星星tái tóu kàn kàn xīng xīngLook up at the stars 此刻正連成線cǐ kè zhèng lián chéng xiànConnected in a line at the moment 也許是一場考驗yě xǔ shì yī chǎng kǎo yànMaybe it’s aContinue reading “G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 – Ping Fan Tian Shi 平凡天使 Ordinary Angels Lyrics”

Eric Chou 周興哲 – Ru Guo Neng Xing Fu 如果能幸福 Fortunate Lyrics

Eric Chou 周興哲 – Ru Guo Neng Xing Fu 如果能幸福 Fortunate Lyrics 有時候 想往前走yǒu shí hòu xiǎng wǎng qián zǒuSometimes I want to move forward 卻又 忍耐不住 頻頻回頭què yòu rěn nài bù zhù pín pín huí tóuBut I can’t bear it, I look back repeatedly 奔跑在風和日麗 突然間 有狂風暴雨bēn pǎo zài fēng hé rì lì túContinue reading “Eric Chou 周興哲 – Ru Guo Neng Xing Fu 如果能幸福 Fortunate Lyrics”